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Series of Concerts 2015-16 #2016, #2015, #expanded_literature, #live_cinema,

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The performance pieces “Ingenuidad”, “Gotas Contra la Soledad”, “El Charco de Lágrimas”, and “El Signo del Escorpión” were produced in the frame of a promotion reading program at the UVM (Universidad del Valle de México in 2015 and 2016, to introduce the students to reading production process that they were executed with analog and technological media. The intention was to embed the students into reading ways that went further the reading in solitude. So, the basic premise was to think when reading in loud voice the others are reading as well, adding elements to expanding the reading, and at the same time, this one was evidence that reading isn't just decoding of reading lines. We present the works in different formats like Expanded reading, Visual and audio reading, Electronic literature, and CineVivo. These formats allow us not just to read, but the reader and the listener question why the performance, and the use of analog and technological media. <br> <br> 1. “Ingenuidad” is a Livecinema where childhood’s memories are worked through the management of the live image, using analog and technological elements to enhance the image in real time, which happens along with the production of live music And pre-built image management. <br> Credits_Rolando Rodríguez [mexico] /text and voice | Jessica Rodríguez [mexico] /visual composition | Roberto Dominguez [mexico] /sound composition | César Gúzman [mexico] /piano | Other participants: Medios Alternativos class from Universidad de las Artes and Procesos Psicológicos class from Escuela de Comunicación UVM <br> <br> 2. “Gotas Contra la Soledad” is a generative reading where the textures of sounds / visual landscapes and live reading, the title is taken from the short story of Etgart Keret. The project expands poems and short stories by writers like Jaime Sabines, Octavio Paz, Augusto Monterroso, Edgart Keret and more. It adds visuals and live sound art that run as independent narratives to the analogous reading of literary productions, but which are at precise points within the chaos. <br> Credits_Rolando Rodríguez [mexico] /text and voice | Jessica Rodríguez [mexico] /visual composition | Roberto Dominguez [mexico] /sound composition <br> <br> 3. “El Charco de Lágrimas” is a creative project based on the collaboration of two groups of students so that they interact in an analogous and digital way. In the visual part of the performance we worked with records of performances that explored the mutilation of the body, at the same time running alternating narratives of both sound exploration and live reading. <br> Credits_ Rolando Rodríguez [mexico] /text and voice | Jessica Rodríguez [mexico] /visual composition | Ricardo Salinas [chile] /sound composition | UVM Aguascalientes High School: Groups 32 y 14 <br> <br> 4. “El Signo del Escorpión” es una lectura visual/sonora generada a partir de la lectura análoga del cuento de “El sino del escorpión” de José Revueltas. La construcción del paisaje sonoro se realizó en tiempo real. Las imágenes fueron recicladas de otros proyectos. <br> Credits_ Jessica Rodríguez [mexico] and Guzmán Ziráte [mexico] /visual composition | Alejandro Brianza [argentina] /sound composition