Mtro. Rolando Rodríguez Guizar
Co-founder andamio
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Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
Co-founder andamio


About Andamio


Andamio is a collaboration platform where producers from different backgrounds can be found, generating long distance projects. Sound is the basic element that we understand as image and text at the same time. The raw material of andamio is the confrontation of these codes, apparently contradictory but that share narratives, both in construction and production.

Andamio works within three lines: production, research and education. All are related not only to the union and develop of sound in other disciplines, but also in the use of different technologies to produce experiences. Such experiences are shared through our memories, forming constantly mutating narratives. Collaboration is an axis of work in Andamio, even-though we have people that constantly work in the projects, Andamio also seeks to work with other producers that can provide alternative perspectives.

Andamio’s platform

Jessica Rodríguez

Mexico. Visual composer and researcher. She has a Master in Arts with a wide work on musical/visual with the new technologies research. She has developed performances, educational projects and research papers. Her practical work has focused in the collaboration with composer to produce audiovisual projects; as well as research about the role of sound that can be expanded in other disciplines.


Rolando Rodríguez

Mexico. Currently a PhD student in Arts at UNAM, his work focuses on the exploration of three elements: image, text and sound. It has research and production projects that use analog and digital technologies as tools to explore possibilities through text.

luis guzman zirate

Luis Guzman Zirate

Mexico. Arts Bachelor's degree and a computers and system advanced user. Nowadays he works in developing collaborative and trans-disciplinary projects with musicians and programmers, focusing on open source concepts. Concerned by the implications of creativity and programming in activism and social development spheres. The use of web spaces and open source communities are current center of his investigations.


Alejandro Brianza

Argentina. Composer, researcher and teacher. Has a Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts and is currently pursuing master's degrees in Methodology of Scientific Research. Is sound technician, he teaches at the University of Salvador and the National University of Lanús, where is also part of researches related to sound technology, electronic music and contemporary languages.


Tonalli R. Nakamura

Mexico. Composer born in Morelia, nowadays studying at the Faculty of Arts of the UMSNH and working at the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts (CMMAS). Specialist in music with new technologies in the fields of: Sound Design, Acoustic Music, Experimental Music, Live Electronics, Fix Media.


Collaborations with:

Robert Mackay /uk, Ricardo Salinas /chile, La Ratonera /chile, Iracema de Andrade /brasil-mexico, Emilio Hernandez /mexico, Mara Rahab /mexico, RGTRRN /mexico, Emilio Ocelotl /mexico, Ken Ueno /us, Damayanthi Villagrán /mexico, Jacobo Cruz /mexico, Andrés Mondaca /chile, Roberto Dominguez /mexico, Jaime Lara /mexico, Jorge Alba /mexico, OKHO /mexico-berlín, Edmar Soria /mexico, Aldo Lombera /Mexico.