Mtro. Rolando Rodríguez Guizar
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Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
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Mother #2018, #electronic_literature, #performance,

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MOTHER: an electronic literature experience presented on August 17th as part of the final concert/banquet of the ELO 2018: Electronic Literature Organization's activities. This project is also the results of a two-weeks residency at TOPO - Centre de création numérique in August 2018.
Where does the sound of a mother's death come from? How does that sound translate into image and text? From these questions, the MOTHER project, built of three moments explores, from the sounds of whispering talks in the hospital, the sound chatter of awake, the onions sailing in the vortex vinegar, the hurricane of the broom that sweeps everything, the death of a mother.
The performance was divided into three parts, all with live reading as part of the audio-visual experience. The first part explores the illness of a MOTHER. The visuals present a series of sentences that are worked with feedback on the screen, these are part of the same text that is read. The second part presents the funeral of a MOTHER. The visuals and sonic textures that accompany the reading add dark notes to the overall experience. The last part develops around the pre-illness memory of a MOTHER. It creates a happier environment with a screen full of flowers that are played in loop.

  • >Rolando Rodríguez [méxico] /text & voice
  • >Anna Chahuneau [france] /voice
  • >Alejandro Brianza [argentina] /sound composition
  • >Jessica Rodríguez [méxico] /visual composition
  • >Manuel Zirate [méxico] /visual composition