Mtro. Rolando Rodríguez Guizar
Co-founder andamio
+52 (452) 197-4386

Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
Co-founder andamio


Mikrokosmika #2015, #electroacoustic, #visual_music,

Acerca de_

Many events happen and we do not give them importance. Miniature worlds escape our sight (and all senses) daily. MIkrokosmika try to evoke the feeling of attending one of these miniature universes and casual behaviors that offer their habitants in their fast-paced lives. Imagine ... How interesting it would be to listen through a microscope?

  • Alejandro Brianza [argentina] /sound composition
  • Jessica Rodríguez [méxico] /visual composition
  • Manuel Zirate [méxico] /visual composition
Video Mirkokosmika -first movement