Mtro. Rolando Rodríguez Guizar
Co-founder andamio
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Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
Co-founder andamio


MEMORIAS #2020, #2019, #web, #electronic_literature,

Acerca de_

Memorias is a web-based artistic project by Jessica Rodríguez developed through the Estuary platform ( —an online platform to host live coding languages (develop in McMaster University). It is based in six autobiographical writings connected to the way she “hears”, “writes”, “watches”, “reads”, “sees” and “listens” to the word. Through these texts, six code works were designed and programmed, hybridizing natural and computing languages by parsing three existing live coding languages: Tidal Cycles (, Punctual (, and CineCer0 (
Together, Memorias’ languages collide different materialities as well as visual and sonic approaches, going from voices in English, Spanish, Cello and Paetzold samples, audio and visual synthesis, and pre-recorded video clips. This project explores how speech and literature — in its written form— can be used as interfaces that allow the performer to communicate both, with the computer and the audience. Additionally, speech —in its sonic form— is moved through space and time, expanding the possibilities of spoken literature by producing unlimited variations of the “original” autobiographical writings. Within the space/time of the piece, the audience can experience different ways, textures and logics to approach visual and sound through the use of language as a memory trigger.
In a newer iteration, MEMORIAS has been presented as a collaborative piece through an assemble that integrates andamio’s members from multiple locations. Each of of us improvising with one of the six languages.
This project was part the Programa de Estímulo a la Creación y Desarrollo Artístico de Michoacán (PECDAM’18) by the state of Michoacán un Mexico. It was also developed within the Networked Imagination Laboratory [NIL] and SSHRC grant at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

  • >Jessica Rodríguez (México) /project
  • >Vic Wojciechowska (Canadá) /voz
  • >Rolando Rodríguez (México) /voz
  • >Iracema de Andrade (Brasil-México) /cello
  • >Alejandro Brianza (Argentina) /paetzold
  • >David Ogborn (Canadá) y Luis N. Del Angel (México-Canadá) /apoyo técnico
  • >Luis M. Guzmán-Zirate (México) /apoyo de montaje