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Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
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Medusal #2022, #visual_music, #electroacoustic, #clarinet,

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Medusal is a mixed piece for piano, electroacoustics and visuals fixed on support.
Jellyfish –also known colloquially as aguasvivas or aguamalas– are almost exclusively marine animals, which do not have a central nervous system: this causes them to respond directly to certain external stimuli.
Their life cycle has two distinct phases: a first phase called polyp, in which the jellyfish live attached to each other and to the seabed; and a second phase in which they separate and become independent from the colony. This independence, however, is not total, since although they can propel themselves through a series of contractions and rhythmic movements, their evolution depends mainly on the drag they receive from the ocean currents.

  • >Alejandro Brianza (Argentina) /sound composition
  • >Jessica Rodríguez (México) /visual composition
  • >Julio Yahir Morales Hernández (México) /clarinet
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  • Also played by:
  • >Santiago Pedernera (Argentina) /clarinet
  • >Juan Gabriel Moreno (Bolivia) /clarinet