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Laid by his Side #2016, #expanded_literature, #shakespeare,

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Expanded reading made for Re-Listening Shakespeare, an open call by CMMAS (Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts) and the British Council celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Sonnets of the author are worked in combination with poems by Pablo Neruda. <br> The piece takes the title from the first words of verse 148 in Shakespeare's sonnets. The idea was to cross over Jorge Cuesta's essay on the origin of literature in Latin-America, the classic forms of literature worked by Shakespeare, the poems written by Pablo Neruda in his literary production "20 love poems and a desperate song“, as well as the discovery of the printing press. In this way, the piece constructs an exploratory essay through sound, image and text, where these elements collide themselves on anachronistic historical moments.

  • >Jessica Rodríguez [méxico] /video composition
  • >Manuel Zirate [méxico] /video composition
  • >Rolando Rodríguez [méxico] /voice & script
  • >Robert Mackay [reino unido] /voice
  • >Tonalli R. Nakamura [méxico] /sound composition
Laid by his Side