Mtro. Rolando Rodríguez Guizar
Co-founder andamio
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Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
Co-founder andamio


Ggigirlah #2016, #visual_music, #electroacoustic, #collaborations,

Acerca de_

This the result of a collaboration creating the visual layer of a sound composition. In the video, different abstract textures are shown, playing with the time of videos, as well as juxtaposing them. <br> You must know that your Kuku [ancestors] are always seen as the first-born among the Gina'abul because they are larger than the Kingú. It is an ancient and futile quarrel between them. We all know that the original birthplace of our race is Ušu and that the Ušumgal were created by the great Kingú, the Kingú-Babbar (albino Kingú), in times so distant that they are lost in the egocentric memory of your Kuku. <br> Thousands of years ago, we (the female Gina'abul, Amašutum) lived in Urbar'ra (Lyra) with the Sukkal, the Mušgir, the Ušumgal, and some Kingú the latter forming the royal race of Ušu (Draco), which is the Gina'abul's place of origin. The Ušumgal and the Kingú ruled in these places but were not in the majority. <br> The Mušgir were far more numerous and constituted an ambitious race who wished to make the females sexual objects at their convenience. These reprehensible beings were envious of our physical immortality and the divine force that we possess, so they got it into their heads to dominate us. <br> A split occurred over this. The Kingú traitorously abandoned us and returned to the Gina'abul colonies of Ušu (Draco).

  • >Edmar Soria [méxico] /sound composition
  • >Jessica Rodríguez [méxico] /visual composition
  • >Emilio Hernandez [méxico] /photography