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encarnadas => (f.) embodiments #2023, #live_coding, #installation,

Acerca de_

Collaboration performance piece with Hamiltonian fusion dancer Angela Josephine and local experimental Earth Wind and Choir (working with the whispers and breathings from Babette de Jong, Teresa Caterini, and Bailey Duff).
encarnadas => (f.) embodiments is an audio-visual project in the form of a performance piece and a dance-video piece. This is an 8-10 minute performance mixing a dancer, live video coding, and ASMR sonic experiences.
This piece is an experimental homage to feminine human bodies, present both visually (through the image of the dancer physically and virtually) and sonically (through a sound composition built of repeating breathings, whispers, and other mouth sounds). Through the eyes of technology, the audience will experience a coming and going of folding and unfolding audio-visual images of the feminine bodies involved, moving through the multiple spaces and times of the project.

Biographies of Collaborators
Angela Josephine ( is a well-known fusion dancer in Hamilton, Ontario. Her expressive and evocative performances, in person and online, leave audiences breathless. As a soloist, she has graced the stage of many high caliber shows with world renowned dancers, across Canada and the United States. In 2023, she formed Obsidian Dance Company, as the artistic director and choreographer.
Babette de Jong (she/they) is a queer femme identifying Hamilton born humanitarian that has always been a strong member of the music community through support, artistry, music performance, event planning, and promotions. At a young age in 2001 she began her career at a local record store mainly as assistant manager and head buyer. During her 20 years there she developed artistry through promotional materials, band merchandise, and as a musician playing guitar, bass, singing, etc. Currently dedicated to her work under Honey Boiler; a name in which she promotes events with and sells her wares at the Hamilton Antique Mall. Her focus remains on community, inclusivity, and safety in the dark and experimental music scenes with monthly events Fascination Dark DJ Nights and Noise Night. Current musical endeavours include darkwave duo Concavity, shock rock/ synth punk act Banananananana, and Earth Wind and Choir. She also volunteers weekly at local food bank Neighbour 2 Neighbour, is a member of the Punk Rock Flea Market team, Babe Coven, and is a part-time bar tender at Vertagogo. Joyful time-permitting hobbies include; quality time with friends, movies, sewing, hiking, crafting, cat training, and practicing Japanese.
Teresa Caterini (she/they) is a queer performer and vocalist based in Hamilton, Ontario. Their work is focused on community -- performing in collectives, choirs, and collaborations. Teresa has been a core member of Earth, Wind, and Choir for over ten years and has performed with local musicians and in the former Hamilton Noise Orchestra. When they are not performing, Teresa is tending to their family, garden, and pets or working as a social worker, with a focus on organizational change.

  • >Jessica A. Rodriguez (Mexico-Canada) /author
  • >Angela Josephine (Canada) /dancer, choreography
  • >Babette de Jong (Canada) /voice
  • >Teresa Caterini (Canada) /voice
  • >Bailey Duff (Canada) /voice
  • >Dr. David Ogborn (Canada) /tech advisor for live coding tool