Mtro. Rolando Rodríguez Guizar
Co-founder andamio
+52 (452) 197-4386

Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
Co-founder andamio


Calles #2017, #expanded_literature, #electroacoustic,

Acerca de_

The video is based on a series of written texts by Uruapan. The parts from the video are divided by the name of the streets: Emilio Carranza, Alvaro Obregón, Francisco Sarabia, Calzada La Fuente and Ave. Revolución. The main idea of the project is to expand the written text into a visual and sound narrative. The video has two parts without text and visuals: Church and Fountain. This project is presented in a fixed media versión and a live performance.

  • >Rolando Rodríguez [méxico] /text & voice
  • >Michael Fox [uk] /sound composition
  • >Jessica Rodríguez [méxico] /visual composition