Mtro. Rolando Rodríguez Guizar
Co-fundador andamio
+52 (452) 197-4386

Mtra. Jessica A. Rodríguez C.
Co-fundador andamio

Mtra. María Paula Jaramillo Gómez
Directora artística andamio


afrontaciones => (f.) copings. #2023, #live_coding, #installation,

Acerca de_

As a person growing up in Uruapan (with still strong familial ties to this city in Mexico), I have noticed how violence (a product of organized crime and the government) becomes embedded into our personas. It affects our everyday activities and determines our identities and memories even beyond the geographical space of the city.
afrontaciones => (f.) copings is an auto-ethnographic and artistic project revolving around the practice of creating “testimonies” and collective storysharing through complex layers of inhabiting a city crossed by violence.
This project has been a long personal process that (so far) have resulted in a series of physical artworks (mixed-media collages, documented testimonies, typewritten testimonies, and tape recordings) that function as the materials to create alternative digital artworks. The exhibition will bring into place all the materials resulted and the key elements that help produced the project.

  • >Jessica A. Rodriguez (Mexico-Canada) /author
  • >Rolando Rodríguez (México) /artistic advisor, exhibition curator
  • >Dr. David Ogborn (Canada) /tech advisor for live coding tool